Valerie Robb

Managing Director

HPB Assurance offers the Holiday Property Bond which can be purchased through HPB Management Limited. Founded in 1983 as a unique idea, the Holiday Property Bond is a life assurance bond linked to a portfolio of top quality holiday properties. It allows investors to holiday in all its properties for a no profit user charge instead of a commercial rental charge. It owns over 30 sites offering over 1,500 holiday villas, cottages and apartments and hotel rooms in beautiful locations across the UK, Europe and Turkey.

Since its inception, the Bond has continued to attract investors every year, bringing the current total to over 40,000. The minimum investment is £5,000 and more money can be invested in denominations of £250. Each £1 invested equates to one holiday point per annum and it can be handed down to future generations as well. It is intended for those who want to enjoy the holiday benefits and don’t expect a full return when cashing in their investment.